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Solar panels within schools, colleges or universities are a valuable educational resource, facilitating learning and discussions on sustainability and renewable energy.  They are also beneficial in reducing energy costs and generating long-term income via the Feed in Tariff.

“The benefits to our school of our solar panel system are significant, the savings in energy costs which are going to increase will be used to support future development of our classrooms and bring benefits to our academic programmes.    It also offers students and the community an opportunity for real-life experience in environmental education and an example of our commitment to sustainability.”
Mr C Granlund
Warden Park Academy

We have installed numerous solar photovoltaic systems for schools and colleges.  As such, we have a comprehensive knowledge on all of the necessary procedures and Health & Safety regulations applicable to such an installation. Your dedicated project manager will supervise the entire job, ensuring a stress free process with minimal disruption, that is delivered on time and on budget.

Key benefits of installing a solar photovoltaic system for schools, colleges and universities include:

  • Educational resource
    The design and installation process of a solar PV system can be used as an educational exercise – enabling pupils to learn about renewable energy, carbon emissions and environmental management first hand.  The installation of an energy monitor also provides an ongoing educational tool, as it allows the pupils to see how much electricity the solar PV panels are producing.
  • Promotional tool
    Generating your own solar electricity demonstrates to pupils, parents and the community a solid commitment to a sustainable future.  It is an example of environmental management in action, which can encourage wider community engagement and provide you with a competitive advantage.
  • Cost savings
    Schools, colleges and universities often have large energy bills due to the amount of appliances in use throughout the day.  The generation of your own solar electricity will significantly reduce these bills, as the energy you produce will feed directly into your buildings.  Installation of solar photovoltaic panels also protects you from future energy price rises, as you are less dependent on the national grid for your energy consumption.
  • Generating income
    The Feed in Tariff enables you to earn money from the energy you generate  and exported back to the grid.
  • Creating a sustainable and green footprint
    Solar energy is a sustainable, noise and emission free alternative to national grid power.  A solar PV system significantly reduces your carbon emissions and helps towards your sustainability targets.

You may also wish to discuss with us the financial options available as there are specific loans and grants available for the installation of solar panels for schools, colleges, universities and other educational facilities.

Help educate others on green energy through the use of solar photovoltaic panels.

To understand how you can benefit from installing solar panels on your educational building please contact us