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About Solar Photovoltaics

A solar photovoltaic system is formed using an array of panels, which is made up of photovoltaic cells.  These panels are typically positioned on an unshaded  East to West facing roof.
The photovoltaic panels use the sunlight to generate clean electricity.  The sun’s energy is converted, by an inverter, into alternating-current electricity which is then feed directly into your property to be used.  The solar panels will produce maximum power in full sunshine and  still generate good amounts of electricity in cloudy weather.

We only supply high quality, reliable solar panels  (in the top 1% for efficiency) that require very little maintenance and have a guaranteed product life.   The fixing kits are made from aluminum and all fixings are stainless steel which ensures durability and no staining issues.  Our solar inverters are also the highest specification in the market place

We are committed to working closely with our reputable manufacturer to ensure we continue to provide the most high performance PV panels and systems on the market.