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 A solar photovoltaic system  is ideal for any community building, whether it is a school, sports club, church or village hall.

Sustainability, cost savings and generating revenues are often key issues for any community organisation and solar panels can be a part of the solution.

Key benefits of installing a community solar photovoltaic system include:

  • Reducing your carbon emissions
    Solar PV systems can significantly reduce your emissions, whilst also demonstrating your green credentials and helping towards your sustainability targets.
  • Generating income
    The Feed in Tariff enables you to earn money from the energy you generate  and exported back to the grid.
  • Cost savings
    Photovoltaic panels dramatically reduces annual electricity charges and protects against future energy price rises.
  • Education
    We can supply monitors that demonstrate your energy savings and carbon reduction, these energy monitors are fantastic educational tools enabling people to view the real benefits of green energy.  We have designed and installed various solar photovoltaic systems on community properties, all of which have seen significant cost savings and have been successful in achieving the communities objectives.

To  understand how you can benefit from installing solar panels on your community building please contact us