One of our recent commercial successes was for a Commercial Property Landlord who had two 50kW systems installed on units in the South East. Based on the client’s requirements and working closely with our accredited team, a quality installation was delivered ahead of schedule.

An investment in solar panels is made attractive through a Government-backed subsidy, the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT). For commercial installations there are four elements to consider,

  1. The FiT, which is a fixed payment with a sliding scale according to generating capacity;
  2. The Export Tariff, which is an additional payment for power returned to the National Grid, generated from your panels but surplus to your needs;
  3. Savings made by using your own generated power from your panels (not the Grid);
  4. Corporate Tax implications: PV panels are eligible for capital allowance relief and qualify for the Annual Investment Allowance (ask your Accountant for details).

The client is extremely satisfied with their system and have already seen huge cost savings and other related benefits.  They commented:
“In the current economic climate it is difficult to find an investment with such high returns