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Feed in tariff

The Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme was introduced in 2010 by the Government  to help increase the level of renewable energy in the UK.  It encourages the installation of solar panels for the home and on commercial, community and public properties.  The scheme is guaranteed for 20 years from the date your feed in tariff application is received by your supplier.. 

Feed In Tariff

You are paid the feed in tariff for every unit (kWh) of electricity that you generate, even those used for your own consumption. The feed in tariff increases in line with inflation (Linked to the RPI) and it is tax-free for the domestic solar market.

The Feed In Tariff scheme also provides a further benefit, the Export tariff.

The Export Tariff

All the electricity that you do not use, from that which you have generated, is exported back to the grid. Your electricity provider pays an extra 4.85p for every unit (kWh). For systems under 30 kW in size, no additional meter is required and you will be paid the export tariff at a deemed 50% of generation. Systems over 30 kW (Over 120 panels typically) require an export meter to be installed and you will be paid the export tariff based on the units actually exported.

Saving on energy costs

The solar electricity that you generate will be fed directly into your property to power any appliances you are using during the day. This means that your dependence on the national grid for your electricity will be dramatically reduced along with your energy bills.

We will discuss your eligibility for the FIT scheme and assist you with registering for the FIT payments.

Energy SourceScaleType / RateTariff (p/kWh)
Solar PV≤10 kWHigher ( EPC, "D" rating or better)4.32
Solar PV≤10 kWMedium (25+ Systems)3.89
Solar PV≤10 kWLower (No EPC or lower than a "D" rating)0.74
Solar PV>10 - 50kWHigher ( EPC, "D" rating or better)4.53
Solar PV>10 - 50kWMedium (25+ Systems)4.08
Solar PV>10 - 50kWLower (No EPC or lower than a "D" rating)0.74
Solar PV>50 - 250kWHigher ( EPC, "D" rating or better)2.38
Solar PV>50 - 250kWMedium (25+ Systems)2.14
Solar PV>50 - 250kWLower (No EPC or lower than a "D" rating)0.74
Solar PV>250kW - 1MWAll1.99
Solar PV> 1MWAll0.74
Solar PVAnyStandalone0.74
Solar PVExport TariffAll4.91
Rates Valid Until30th June 2016*
* Subject to Deployment Caps