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Farmers and land owners can earn from their unused roof tops by taking advantage of solar energy. 

With the advent of the Feed in Tariff and significant increases in energy prices, considerable cost savings and gains can be made by installing agricultural solar panels.

A solar PV system is an excellent investment, providing a feed in tariff for 20 years and savings beyond that.

“In the current economic climate it is difficult to find an investment with such high returns.”
Mr A Johnson,
South East Farmer – client

PV panels are also eligible for capital allowance relief and qualify for the Annual Investment Allowance (ask your Accountant for details).

Key benefits of installing a solar photovoltaic system on farm buildings include:

  • Cost savings
    A farm’s operating costs are often high.  Running necessary equipment can consume large amounts of energy – whether it be to provide heat and light to buildings, to cool perishable goods or to operate machinery – by generating and using your own electricity considerable cost savings can be made.
  • Financial returns 
    Farmers can benefit from the Feed in and Export Tariffs. Monies are earned on the amount of energy generated and the amount that is exported back to the grid.  Benefits can also be gained if a building is leased.  We have recently installed a solar PV system on a tenanted unit; as the landlord the farmer supplies the tenants with their electricity and makes a financial gain from recharging the energy and the monies earned from the applicable tariffs received.
  • Creating a sustainable and green footprint
    Reducing carbon emissions and having a green footprint is an important factor on a farmer’s agenda, particularly if supplying to a retailer who requires a ’green supply chain’. Solar energy is a sustainable, noise and emission free alternative to national grid power.  You may also wish to discuss with us the financial options available for the installation of an agricultural solar PV system; such as specific loans, grants and the Energy Efficiency Financing scheme.

To understand how you can benefit from installing solar panels on your farm buildings please contact us